Swimming Pool Services in Tucson

Our pool service goes beyond just cleaning pools. Keeping your pool clean on a weekly basis is not something we take lightly. Our company and its employees are proud of the core values we have set and the pride they take in their work. While anyone can clean a pool, we strive to elevate the service experience. You can count on our technicians to clean your pool, maintain your equipment, and most importantly, communicate with our office with any issues, questions, or concerns you may have. All the way through the process, our detail-oriented staff will keep you updated.

***ABOVE MAP IN NOT 100% CORRECT*** ***Our Pool cleaning service area has changed, please see below***

SERVICE – Ambiance only clean pools in the following towns and zip codes: Oro Valley, Marana, Pima county North of the City of Tucson
85658, 85742, 85737, 85755, 85704, 85718, 85750, 85719, 85705, 85745
We long longer service Saddlebrooke or Saddlebrooke Ranch. We recommend Sparkle And Splash Pool Care

REPAIRS – Ambiance repairs pools anywhere in Pima County, Tucson,

Filtering Methods

Cartridge Filter

Medium Maintenance
Micron Rating of 5-10

Sand Filter

Low Maintenance
Micron Rating of 20-40
5 if using glass

D.E. Filter

High Maintenance
Micron Rating of 5

*Pool filters measure the size of contaminants they’re capable of removing in microns. It’s short for micrometer, which is one millionth of an inch.

Sanitizing Methods


Traditional Chlorine Tablets, Liquid and Granular Chlorine

Salt Systems

Salt Systems use Electrolysis to turn salt water into
a pure gas chlorine.

UV / Ozone

Secondary sanitizers are great for reducing chlorine levels and sterilize most bacterias and viruses with no effects to the pool water.

Our Process

step 01


In order to understand your needs and concerns, we prefer meeting you onsite. We always send a skilled technician to quote pool service. As part of our inspection, we inspect the pool equipment visually and measure the TDS, Hardness, and CYA levels in the pool water so that we can determine the water’s condition. With our software, we document everything related to your pool so that going forward, we know how to approach your service. Within 24 hours of our visit, we will send you a quote detailing any problems we found with the pool.

step 02


There may be times when your pool is not ready for weekly service. In order to begin service, all necessary repairs and water treatments must be completed. The process typically involves cleaning large filters, fixing water issues, and performing minor and major repairs to ensure that your pool is operating at 100% efficiency. If the pool isn’t functioning correctly from the beginning, maintenance cannot be performed.

step 03


Upon completion of repairs, our 2 lead techs will conduct the first two visits. In this process, the goal is to ensure a smooth transition to the permanent service technician. During the quoting process, they look for any minor issues that were overlooked. Keeping your pool at 100% is our goal, which is why he examines the pool operation and balances the water perfectly. During the visit, we will paint and label the pool plumbing as needed, log access locations, pets, how the pool is chlorinated, adjust all valves to the right positions, leave a sign-in card for the tech, and take a picture of the house.

step 04


The service will now be provided by your permanent tech. In the week leading up to the start of your service, your technician will receive a printout of the new account. Your printout will include a picture of your house, a list of your pool equipment, how your pool is chlorinated, and other specifics about your pool.

We also offer the following pool services:

  • Pool draining
  • Acid wash
  • Green to clean

Terms of Service

We Pride Ourselves in Providing Quality Service

We believe pool service isn’t just about cleaning a pool. We do not take it lightly when you hire us to service your pool on a weekly basis. We are proud of the company that we have built and the employees who have core values and pride in their work. Any company can clean a pool but we strive to elevate the service experience. Our techs will clean your pool, maintain your equipment and most importantly communicate to our office with issues, questions, and concerns that they and our customers have.

Our detail oriented staff will keep you informed every step of the way.

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