Exceptional Pool Services in Vail

Are you a Marana resident in need of exceptional pool service? Ambiance is the company for you! We are proud of the company that we have built and the employees who have core values and pride in their work. Any company can clean a pool, but we strive to elevate the service experience. Our skilled technicians will go above and beyond to ensure your pool is spotless, your equipment is well-maintained, and most importantly, that they promptly relay any issues, questions, or concerns both they and our valued customers may have to our dedicated office staff.

Welcome to Ambiance Pool Service & Supplies, where we understand how crucial a clean, well-maintained pool is to the Vail community. With our hot and sunny climate, a swimming pool isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity.

That’s why we’re committed to providing you with a hassle-free, top-notch pool service experience that focuses on quality and reliability. From our comprehensive cleaning services to specialized pool repairs, our services are designed to meet your pool needs.

Why Choose Ambiance Pool Service & Supplies?

The hallmark of Ambiance Pool Service & Supplies lies in our consistent and personalized service. We guarantee the same technician on the same day every week, ensuring familiarity and reliability. Our in-house and uniform team operates under comprehensive supervision, ensuring adherence to high standards.

Vail Pool Cleaning Services

Ambiance Pool Service & Supplies adopts a thorough process for pool cleaning in Vail. Initially, a skilled technician inspects your pool and equipment, providing a detailed quote within 24 hours.

Before weekly servicing begins, any necessary repairs and water treatments are performed to ensure optimal pool functionality. Lead technicians conduct the first two visits to ensure a smooth transition to your permanent service technician. Weekly services then commence, handled by your designated technician. Additional pool services include:

  • Pool Draining: Address water woes and ensure a fresh start with our essential pool draining services, paving the way for a clean and safe swim haven.
  • Acid Wash: Reveal your pool’s beauty by eliminating stains, algae, and mineral deposits with our rejuvenating acid wash service.
  • Transitioning a Green Pool to Clean: Revive your neglected, algae-infested pool into a sparkling oasis with our comprehensive green-to-clean service, tailored to restore water chemistry and cleanliness.

Pool Repair Services in Vail

Ambiance Pool Service offers many pool repair services, including pool pump, filter, heater repairs or replacements, plumbing updates, leak repairs, and electrical works in Vail. We also provide specialized treatments for water balancing and algae issues, installing or repairing swimming pool automation systems, lighting upgrades, and various pool heating solutions. Our comprehensive service spectrum ensures your pool remains in optimal condition year-round.

A well-maintained pool doesn’t just require cleaning. It also needs timely repairs. We offer:

  • Pool Pump Repairs: Revitalize your pool’s circulation with our expert pump repair and replacement services, including cutting-edge variable pool pump installations.
  • Pool Filter Repairs: Maintain crystal clear water with our comprehensive filter services, including DE filter and cartridge cleaning, sand filter changes, and valve replacements.
  • Pool Heater Repairs: Embrace year-round swimming with our heater repair and replacement services, encompassing solar pool heating and heat pump installations.
  • New Pool Equipment: Elevate your pool experience with our precise new equipment installations, ensuring peak pool operation.
  • Variable Speed Pool Pumps: Opt for energy-efficient variable speed pumps, expertly installed and repaired by our team
  • LED Lighting: Illuminate your nightly swims with our LED lighting installation, repair, and upgrade services.
  • Sanitizer Systems: Guarantee clean and safe water with our proficient sanitizer system installations and maintenance.
  • Pool Automation: Simplify your pool management with our automated system installations and programming.
  • Pool Vacuum: Keep your pool pristine with our pool vacuum repair and replacement services.
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Heaters: Relish comfortably with our repair, installation, and replacement services for swimming pool and spa heaters.

Let’s Make Your Pool Shine with Swimming Pool Service in Vail

Local service means local understanding. Ambiance Pool Service & Supplies is not just a pool service provider. We’re your Vail neighbors committed to making your pool the oasis it should be.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact us today to schedule your next pool service. Let’s make your pool shine!